Competent Cells

  • PurMa DH5a Versa Cells

    During the bacterial transformation, a small number of bacteria's take up foreign genetic material (naked DNA) from the surrounding environment. Af... Read more
  • PurMa DH5a Gold Cells

    Derivative of DH5α cells. This stain has been engineered for cloning of large segments of DNA and for when the Bacteria reject the insert+ Vector. ... Read more
  • PurMa BL121 Versa Cells

    Derivative of E. Coli B strain which is known as BL121 cell. Used for routine protein expression. The BL121 strains have two important criteria tha... Read more
  • PurMa BL121 Gold Cells

    Derivative of BL121 cells which has T7 promoter-based expression vectors that causes these cells constitutively express T7 lysozyme. T7 lysozyme re... Read more

Cells that range from general transformation to used for hard to transform plasmids


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