• PurMa™ MTR-III

    Mycoplasma treatment reagent, PurMa™ MTR-III contains Ciprofloxacin, which is a member of the fluoroquinolone group. Read more
  • PurMa™ MTR-II

    PurMa™MTR-Il is a PurMabiologics trademark. Mycoplasma treatment reagent, PurMa™ MTR-II contains elements that are derivative of Tetracycline as we... Read more
  • PurMa™ MTR-I

    PurMa™MTR-I is a PurMabiologics trademark. For complete eradication PurMaTM MTR-I needs to be followed by either PurMaTM MTR-... Read more

PurMa™ MYC-I, MYC-II or MYC-III will eliminate most of the known mycoplasma species.