Advanced RPMI-1640

PurMaTM Advanced RPMI-1640 contains components that allow for a 60–90% reduction in FBS supplementation. Using synthetic components such as insulin recombinant full chain, recombinant albumin, and transferrin increase consistency in results with less variation amongst lot-to-lot serum changes.  In Advanced RPMI-1640, L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine is used as the source of glutamine.  Additionally, reducing FBS requirements lowers the cost of cell culture experiments.

Advanced RPMI-1640 contains:

Advanced RPMI-1640 is a substantial upgrade to the standard and MAX for of RPMI-1640. That is because this media contains ingredients to allow for serum reduction, specifically:

  1. All the twenty essential and non-essential amino acids with higher concentrations than regular and MAX formulations.
  2. Ethanolamine, glutathione.
  3. Trace elements such as sodium selenite, ammonium metavanadate, cupric sulfate, and manganous chloride.
  1. PurMaTM Albumin:  Chromatographically purified, lipid rich with IgG content <=0.1.0%.
  2. PurMaTM Human Transferrin (Holo): prevents Improperly iron storage and delivery in cell culture systems which is a major contributor to oxidative stress and protein damage.
  3. PurMaTM Insulin Recombinant
  4. Trace of other elements which mimic the elements in fetal bovine serum.

The advanced form of RPMI-1640 is a significant step toward a chemically defined form of this media where all elements are synthetic and the need for FBS is eliminated.

Chemically Defined RPMI-1640 (CD-RPMI-1640) is the next generation of PurMa Biologics’ dedicated team of top scientists which is the outcome of decades of cutting-edge research. CD-RPMI-1640 will soon be offered globally to laboratories who are looking for consistency and repeatability in their data.

Formulation: Complete formulation is available here:  Advanced RPMI-1640

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Parameter Specification
Appearance Red, clear liquid
pH  7.2 ± 0.1
Osmolality  275-360 mOsm/L
Endotoxin  NMT< 2EU/mL
Mycoplasma Negative
Suitability  Suitable for mammalian cell culture
Additive  Sodium pyruvate
Indicator  Phenol red
Mycoplasma Detection Negative
Sterility Tested  Sterile filtered using 0.22 µm filter
Form Liquid
Shipping Condition  Room temperature