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PurMa Agarose (Low Molecular Weight)


Agarose is a polysaccharide galactan that is formed by linking agarobioses 1-3, 1-4 units. This chemical structure makes agarose capable of forming gels that is strong enough even at low concentrations. Due to Neutral inert matrix of Agarose gel, proteins and nucleic acids can easily bind with as well as can separate easily. This characteristic makes agarose ideal for separations of nucleic acids in many biomolecular analysis techniques.

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PurMaTM Low molecular weight Agarose is an agarose with high purity and high-resolution capability designed to separate and analysis of short fragments of nucleic acids. The agarose forms larger gel network than regular agarose that makes approximately twice the resolution capability of routine agarose. The agarose is specialized to improve resolution of short PCR and DNA fragments with a range of 10 to 1000 bp, especially primer-sized fragments with the advantage of high clarity, low background and intermediate melting point. Like all PurMaTM agaroses, PurMaTM Low Molecular Weight Agarose delivers higher gel strength that makes it firm but flexible at all concentrations with efficient mechanical handling that results minimal risk of cracking or breaking even in lower concentration of agarose. The Low EEO (electroendoosmotic) of flow minimizes diffusion, that aids the nucleic acids fragments to be resolved sharp and tightly even the smallest one too. The consistently low EEO also reduces band distortion (caused by counterflow) that can result from excessive sulfate-rich negative ions. Having similar melting and gelling temperatures as standard agaroses, the agarose (LMW) also allows faster and easier preparation of gels. At 3 % concentration, PurMaTM Low Molecular Weight Agarose gives a resolution of DNA fragments similar to 8 % polyacrylamide gels. To get the efficient resolution of bands, agarose concentration may be adjusted to accommodate the specific fragment size range as well as the concentration of buffer (i.e., TAE or TBE buffer) used in electrophoresis.

Molecular biology Grade PurMaTM Low Molecular Weight Agarose  is recommended for all analytical applications for separation of nucleic acid fragments like electrophoresis and DNA recovery procedures after gel electrophoresis. The agarose is also excellent for blotting techniques due to high gel strength.


  • High purity (Moisture: ≤ 7%, Ash: ≤ 0.35%, Sulfate: ≤ 0.1%)
  • High Clarity with excellent transparency, even at high concentrations (NTU ≤ 4 )
  • High mechanical resistance. ( Gel Strength in 1.5% gel is≥ 750 g/cm2)
  • Intermediate melting temperature (Melting point is around 75°C in 1.5% gel) with a gelling temperature around 35°C in 1.5% gel
  • No DNase or RNase activity detected
  • Protease and Endonuclease free
  • Ultra-high resolution with well-defined bands.
  • High electrophoresis mobility  (EEO : 0.09 – 0.12)
  • low background
  • Low DNA binding for easy recovery
  • Non-toxic (acrylamide ~ neurotoxic)
  • Ideal for small fragment nucleic acid analysis.



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