PurMa™ Ampicillin (1000X) – 100 ML

///PurMa™ Ampicillin (1000X) – 100 ML

PurMa™ Ampicillin (1000X) – 100 ML


Product Number: P2403-100
Size: 1 X 100 ML
Storage Temperature: -20°C
Category: Bacterial Culture Reagents



PurMa™ Ampicillin (1000X) readymade solutions are available in two different sizes, 25 ml and 100 ml. These are ready- to- use formulations in 1000X concentrated form that most effectively prevent bacterial contaminations. Advantage of our Ready-Made antibiotic solution is it minimizes your health risk of exposure to potentially harmful powders as well as save your valuable time. Our low prices save your money too.

PurMabiologics antibiotic solutions are sterile filtered with extended shelf life. We strictly maintain quality control for each of our Ready-Made Solution.


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