PurMa™ Mitochondrial Protein Extraction Kit, 100 RN

///PurMa™ Mitochondrial Protein Extraction Kit, 100 RN

PurMa™ Mitochondrial Protein Extraction Kit, 100 RN


Product Number: P5220-03
Size: 345 ml (100 Reactions)
Storage Condition: -30°C to -20°C
Category: Biochemical Reagents


The PurMabiologics mitochondrial protein extraction kit provides for efficient cell lysis and extraction of mitochondrial protein fractions in less than two hours. Drawing on decades of experience with molecular and biochemical techniques, the scientists at PurMabiologics have developed a fast, versatile and highly reliable mitochondrial protein extraction kit that enables the stepwise lysis of cells, separation of the mitochondrial fraction from the cytoplasm and then extraction of mitochondrial proteins away from potentially interfering agents. This kit provides functional mitochondria with the standard electrochemical proton gradient (ΔΨ) of the inner mitochondrial membrane. Useful for mitochondria mediated apoptosis studies.

This proprietary mitochondrial protein extraction method involves simple, stepwise lysis of cells and centrifugal isolation of mitochondrial and cytoplasmic protein fractions with minimal cross-contamination or interference from unwanted proteins, genomic DNA and mRNA. Once desalted or diluted, the isolated proteins can be used to perform immunoassays and protein interaction experiments, such as mobility shift assays (EMSA), co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) and pull-down assays, measuring gradient (ΔΨ) and apoptosis studies. Our method recovers primarily soluble proteins from the mitochondria, as opposed to proteins bound in chromatin or integral membrane proteins of the mitochondrial membrane. The protein concentration of the mitochondrial extracts can be manipulated easily by varying the volume of mitochondrial extraction reagent used in the extraction without any significant loss in extraction efficiency.

Specific extraction of mitochondrial proteins from cells is central to the success of a broad array of protein and cellular respiration studies. While a variety of methods exist to isolate mitochondria and prepare mitochondrial protein extracts, most of these are require lengthy, complicated protocols or freeze/thaw steps that may compromise the integrity of many fragile mitochondrial proteins. The PurMabiologics mitochondrial protein extraction kit overcomes these problems, providing high-quality, concentrated mitochondrial protein extracts for follow up applications.


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