PurMa™ Low Melting Point Agarose, 500 g

///PurMa™ Low Melting Point Agarose, 500 g

PurMa™ Low Melting Point Agarose, 500 g


Product Number: P1108-500
Size: 1 X 500 g
Storage Condition: 15⁰C to 30⁰C
Category: Molecular Biology Reagents


Low Melting Point Agarose is a special type of polysaccharide that synthetically produced by chemical modification in basic agarose structure by hydroxyethylation. This reduces the number of intra-strand hydrogen bonds in agarose polymer chains that creates a new property of lower melting and gelling temperatures than standard agaroses. This makes the agarose to melt at 65.5°C temperature or less, remains fluid at 37°C for at least 24 hours and solidify rapidly at temperature below 25°C. PurMa™ Low Melting Point Agarose is ideal for routine preparation of gels and analysis of nucleic acids fragments by electrophoresis as well as  for the applications that require recovery of intact nucleic acid fragments after electrophoresis. Because this low melting property of the agarose allows the recovery of undamaged nucleic acids below the denaturation temperature of nucleic acids. That’s why Low Melting Point Agarose is commonly used to prepare gel matrix when recovery of nucleic acid fragments is desired after electrophoresis .This property also ensures that the agarose will be in a liquid state to allow  in-gel enzymatic manipulations that can be carried out directly after electrophoresis by re-melting the agarose gel containing DNA fragments of interest avoiding difficult DNA extraction steps, that is no need of prior extraction of DNA from a gel slice. This property also promotes quick and thorough digestion of slices during gel extraction procedures.

PurMa™ Low Melting Point Agarose possess high resolving capacity with capability of separating nucleic acids in the range of 100–25000 bp. It has the highest resolving capacity for DNA fragments ≥1,000 bp including PCR products.

Specification of PurMaTM Low Melting Point Agarose

  • High purity
  • Quality tested, analytical grade Agarose
  • Higher clarity with excellent visibility
  • Greater sieving capacity
  • High resolution capacity
  • Ensures excellent in-gel manipulations
  • Low EEO
  • Easy to handle (Although low gel strength than standard agarose)
  • Ensured lot to lot consistency
  • Free from enzymes and toxicity


Molecular properties:

  • Moisture: ≤ 7%
  • Ash: ≤ 0.4%
  • EEO (electroendosmosis): ≤ 0.11
  • Sulfate: ≤ 0.1%
  • Clarity 1.5% (NTU): ≤ 4
  • Gelling Temperature 1.5% (ºC): 24-28
  • Melting Temperature 1.5% (ºC): ≤ 65.5
  • Gel Strength (1%): ≥300g/cm2.
  • DNase/ RNase Activity: None Detected
  • Protease/Endonuclease Activity: None detected
  • DNA Resolution ≥1000bp: Finely resolved
  • Gel background: Very low
  • DNA binding: Very low


Calculate the desire percentage of agarose and dissolve it in 1x PurMaTM TAE or 1x PurMaTM TBE buffer solution. Heat and boil the suspension by simple microwaving for 1 min. At this point keep cautious while handling as the solution may be extremely hot. Cool the solution to approximately 60°C temperature. Add ethidium bromide or other staining agents and mix properly to homogenize the liquid solution before pouring into gel tray. Wait 30 mins to form a gel. The gel is ready now to go for electrophoresis.



  • Conventional and preparative electrophoresis of nucleic acids
  • Electrophoresis for DNA/RNA purification and analysis
  • Recovery of high-quality RNA and DNA from agarose gel after electrophoretic separation
  • Direct in-gel enzymatic manipulations such as ligation, transformation, restriction, amplification and sequencing.
  • Protein electrophoresis applications such as Ouchterlony or radial immunodiffusion
  • Tissue and Cell Culture studies
  • Cloning of tissue culture cells
  • Viral Plaque Assays
  • Blotting techniques


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