PurMa™ TBE Buffer (10X), 1000 ml

PurMa™ TBE Buffer (10X), 1000 ml


Product Code: P1105-03
Size: 1 X 1000 ml
Storage Temperature: 15°C – 30°C
Category: Molecular Biology Reagents


Tris – Borate -EDTA Buffer solution is commonly used running buffer and gel preparation buffer for Nucleic acid (DNA, RNA) electrophoresis techniques on both polyacrylamide gel and agarose gel. It can also be used for other electrophoresis methods like pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE), Northern blot, southern blot. Tris-acid solution is an effective buffer for slightly basic conditions as it keeps DNA deprotonated thus helps to make it soluble in water.  EDTA in TBE buffer helps to protect the nucleic acids from enzymatic degradation, while borate acts as a strong inhibitor for many enzymes that may cause degradation of nucleic acids. TBE shows more stable and higher buffering capacity than conventional TAE buffer. TBE buffer also yields higher resolutions of smaller nucleic acids fragments on agarose gel than TAE, although double-stranded linear nucleic acid molecules migrate notably slower in TBE than in TAE buffer solution.

PurMaTM TBE Buffer(10X) is a ready-to-use stock solution that eliminate hassle of weighing, dissolving dry ingredients or adjusting the pH. Simple dilution of the stock solution to working concentrations with purified water makes it read to proceed the experiment with gel electrophoresis. 1x dilution of PurMaTM TBE Buffer (10x) yields buffer solution containing 0.089 M Tris Base, 0.089 M Borate and 0.002 M EDTA, Disodium Salt, Dihydrate with final pH 8.4-8.4

PurMaTM TBE buffer(10X) solution is nuclease free, filtered, in space saving 10X concentrated form that widely used in electrophoresis techniques all around the world.


Specifications of PurMaTM TBE Buffer (10X) buffer:

  • High Buffering Capacity
  • High Ionic Strength
  • High accuracy
  • Used as both running buffer and gel preparation buffer
  • 10X concentrated form minimize weighing and Mixing as well as saves time and space
  • Filtered through 0.22 µm membrane
  • DNase, RNase, and Protease free
  • Optimized for nucleic acids electrophoresis techniques using both acrylamide and agarose
  • Recommended for electrophoresis of nucleic acid fragments smaller than 1500 bp.


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