Our Vision

Here at PurMa Biologics, we have identified the true success and satisfaction NOT about us. We have made the quality of our products as well as customer satisfaction our priorities. Our goal is to improve product quality and ensure consistent and reproducible data for the laboratories purchasing from us. We founded our company with the aim of providing high-quality products at affordable prices, recognizing the challenges faced by laboratories and small businesses in sustaining their operations. PurMa Biologics takes pride in the fact that our products and services are trusted by scientists, technicians, and professionals from various fields. Our ultimate objective is to become one of the most dependable companies globally.


We prioritize the quality of our products, we definitely assure you of that about us. PurMa Biologics offers the most extensive range of cell and tissue culture reagents in the industry. We manufacture all our products at our state-of-the-art facility located in Oklahoma. Our dedicated team of scientists works tirelessly to enhance the quality of both our existing and novel products.  Our dedication to the scientific community speaks in every innovative solution we provide.

Customer Relation

Our company offers comprehensive assistance throughout the different stages of research studies conducted by the laboratories we collaborate with.  With nearly three decades of experience, we have cultivated outstanding expertise in various fields, enabling our team of specialists to provide exceptional scientific support. In addition to our expert scientists, our friendly, knowledgeable customer service department assists you when you need help. Furthermore, our customer service team has undergone rigorous training to resolve any issues that may arise with our products. We will continue working hard to establish a robust partnership with our clients. We will make that possible by identifying the most effective approach to meet their unique needs. This is some quality about us that we are proud of,

We are proud to have earned your trust through our hard work and constant improvement of our products. These are some of our values that have been seen by our customers:

  • We value the quality of our products.
  • We are transparent.
  • We believe in customer satisfaction, such as replacing a product if the wrong item has been ordered by mistake, free of charge. Our customers are happy about that.

Our Brand

PurMa Biologics has created the PurMaTM brand. As a matter of fact, our brand reminds us of our dignity as well as our dedication to our customers. Moreover, adding it to our product name means that PurMa Biologics has generated that product with all the values, standards, and principles we believe in. The PurMaTM brand also reminds us of our vision which is building an empire of biotech that will be trusted all around the world.

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