PurMabiologics is the pioneering company in generating more than 103 biochemical reagents including a patented fast, efficient, low cost production of monoclonal antibodies (Mab)

Our technology has provided a unique opportunity to isolate the rare hybridoma cells that won’t survive in traditional Mab production. In addition to the quality of our antibodies, we have reduced the entire process of producing mouse monoclonal antibodies to 45 days, compared with the 8-to-10 months required with traditional methods.

Our many years of experience in studying the molecular mechanisms behind retina degeneration and collaborations with recognized laboratories in lens and cornea studies have given us the unique and excellent opportunity to be the first specialized company to generate specific antibodies for eye research. Our team of experts will thoroughly analyze and characterize each and every antibody. Western blot evaluations will be carried out on the specific eye tissues.

In addition to Mab,, we provide cell and tissue culture services for the worldwide research community. PurMabiologics is the first company to offer a whole-mount retinal culture. We are able to maintain healthy and functional retinas and retinal pigment epithelium for over 90 days. Retinal cells have equal access to the medium, providing an excellent in vitro model for evaluating drug biosafety and for screening studies. This is possible because the mammalian retinal cells have a sophisticated and spectacular fine structure that is designed to function in harmony, and responds to environmental variations. Therefore, it is an extraordinary model to perform any toxicity and biosafety analysis for drug-related FDA approval.

Additionally, the amazing lowest DNA cloning rates speak to our commitment to serve the science community.