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Our Cell Culture Media

Our State of Art Facility

One significant aspect of our technology, first and foremost, is to elevate and sustain the quality of our products. Currently. We produce more than 3000 cell culture reagents, exclusively in our state of art facility in Oklahoma. This is the outcome of almost three decades of conducting cutting edge science. This is also the outcome of our supremacy in cell culture, biochemistry as well as molecular biology fields.

The quality of our products

Using pure ingredients ensures consistent and reliable data when using our cell culture media and other reagents. For instance, we utilize %99.6 pure amino acids, that naturally accounts for the consistent results from our manufactured media. We do not use hormones nor steroids in producing our media. Most of our competitors, regardless of their big names and reputation import media powder from overseas. The imported media contains whey rather than pure amino acids. Hormones and steroids are the source of inconsistency. Additionally, it contains micro elements which turn into mycoplasma contamination when incubated at 37 °C easily after a few days1. Unfortunately, filtering by 0.22 µm fitters cannot eliminate the mentioned microelements. At PurMa Biologics, however, we generate all the media using the highest quality of ingredients at house.

One Stop Shop

PurMa Biologics produces the most comprehensive collection of cell and tissue culture reagents. We have focused our technology to provide a one stop shop for any laboratory using cell culture as a model. As a result, this provides a platform for laboratories to obtain all the needed reagents from one vendor they trust.

The diversity in our products and Services

PurMa Biologics produces a vast variety of cell and tissue culture reagents:

  1.  Cell Culture Media
  2. Cell and Tissue Culture Suited Buffers.
  3. Cell and Tissue Culture Suited Trypsin.
  4. Fetal Bovine & Horse Serums.
  5. Cell Culture Suited Antibiotics Mixes.
  6. Transfection Reagents.
  7. Cryoprotective Media.
  8. Cell Culture Suited & Molecular Biology Water.
  9. Water Bath and CO2 Incubator Treatment.
  10. Mycoplasma Detection & Elimination Reagents.
  11.  Cell Culture Suited Supplements.

Moreover, producing this outstanding by our expertise as well as our technology enables us to offer valuable services:

  1. Biochemical Conjugation Services.
  2. Tissue Culture Services.
  3. Protein Expression and Purification Services.
  4. Gene Cloning Services.
  5. And finally, Monoclonal Antibody services.

Pioneering Technology in Generating Monoclonal Antibodies.

With 3 decades of expertise and valuable experience, PurMa Biologics has a leading technology in generating monoclonal antibodies. Generally, the traditional methodology generates hybridomas of recombinant peptides. Whereas PurMa Biologics makes monoclonal antibodies from native proteins. By comparison, the generated antibodies suits applications which detect the three-dimensional proteins. As a result, they work well for applications like immunohistochemistry as well as therapeutics purposes which require detecting native proteins. We strongly believe the success of antibody production depends on the initial injected peptides.

Additionally, using our technology, we perform multiple fusions against surface exposed epitopes, producing higher quality and quantity of antibodies. As a result, each fusion ends up with several different antibodies against various epitopes. So, there is a much higher chance of generating the desired antibodies.


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