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PurMa Biologics is the largest manufacturer of Cell and Tissue Culture Reagents with over 3000 high quality products. We are always looking for talented individuals who are interested in a promising career with our company.

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Career Development

Careers in Manufacturing & Quality Control at PurMa Biologics

We are located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. As talented individuals who are looking for careers in our company, you would want to know that: At PurMa Biologics, we take pride in producing very high-quality products. Additionally, we vigorously conduct post manufacturing quality control in a unique way as the following.  Er keep several sets of samples of each Lot from the manufactured products at room temperature as well as at 4°C.  After initial quality control experiments, we evaluate every Lot three times before the expiry date:

  • The Room Temperature Kept samples: for only pathogens including mycoplasma, mold, and bacteria, and moreover,
  • The 4°C kept samples for viability (MTT) as well as functionality of several cell lines.
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How we treat our customers

Every customer, every lab who works with us is treated with respect. Therefore, as an employee of PurMa Biologics we always remember several issues:

  1. Most of the laboratories working with us are under pressure and, as a result we must respond fast and efficiently.
  2. Most of our customers are academic laboratories. They are undoubtedly the corner stone of future understanding about the basic mechanism of various cell function as well as the mechanism of diseases. Unfortunately, this important section of society has been taken for granted and never received enough attention for their hard work as well as their role in future. But, however in PurMa Biologics we do! We handle their request with the out most respect. Moreover, as an employee of a company with this variety of products and this many demands, we shall not take any request of this valuable section of our society lightly.
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How we Treat our Employees

We treat every employee as a member of our immediate family. As a matter of fact, PurMa Biologics is a big warm family. We always work hard; we get tired and sometime exhausted as conducting science at this level is not easy. But by the end of the day, we are a family.

Therefore, we are always looking for

  1. Inspired, knowledgeable, dedicated, and hardworking scientists with expertise in different fields of cell culture, biochemistry, organic, inorganic chemistry, and molecular biology who search for promising careers
  2. Employees with various skills including management, accounting, book keeping, janitors.