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Our friendly customer service as well as our team of experts with decades of experience are ready to help.  You can contact us by sending a message via this page. Alternatively, you can find us on Linkedin for any new updates and new products.  Contact us via Linkedin and get the most recent updates



    Contact Us for General and Nontechnical Inquiries

    Our dedicated customer service department helps many of our loyal customers on a daily basis. We believe in loyalty as well. Considering the number of products several members of our customer service are working on each area of our products or services. You can also send us a message with the following email, and we will respond within one business day:

    [email protected]

    Technical and Scientific Inquiries

    Considering the vast variety of our products, we get many scientific inquiries. We have expertise in several areas including biochemistry and molecular biology as well as a deep understanding of intracellular signaling. We are honored to assist our customers with our products as well as another area of our expertise. So please feel free to contact us by the above-mentioned phone numbers as well as via email address:

    [email protected]