Mycoplasma Treatment Kit (MTK) (100X)


PurMa™ Mycoplasma Treatment Kit (MTK) (100X) is a valuable tool for eliminating mycoplasma from live cells. PurMa™ MTRI, PurMa™ MTRII as well as PurMa™ MTRIII



PurMa™ Mycoplasma Treatment Kit (MTK) (100X)

PurMa™ Mycoplasma Treatment Kit (MTK) (100X) is a valuable tool for eliminating mycoplasma from live cells.

Important Note

Completing the eradication of mycoplasma from a contaminated cell line is laborious, time consuming as well as expensive. The procedure might also cause more contamination. So, we strongly recommend disposing of the contaminated cell line and starting a new culture if possible. This, however, might not be possible due to high value cell lines such as monoclonal antibodies or stable cell lines.

Feeder Cells

During the eradication process, fresh spleen cells of a healthy mouse are needed. Before starting the process:

Isolate the spleen cells from a healthy adult mouse.

Resuspend in 10 ml media of choice containing 20% FBS in a 15ml snap tube and place in 37°C CO2 incubator.

For detailed procedure regarding the isolating spleen cells, click here: Detailed Procedure

before you start

  1. Decontaminate your CO2 incubator, Hood, and benches before starting the procedure, otherwise in no time, the contamination will be back into your cultured cells.
  2. Use unopened media bottles and fresh FBS.
  3. During the following mentioned procedure and after that, wear mask at all times while you work in cell culture lab.
  4. Spray your gloves, bench, hood with PurMa™ Mycospray (1X) (Cat#: P5M010405) before and after work. PurMaTM Mycospray (1X) instantly eliminates/ deactivates mycoplasma.

For detailed protocol of mycoplasma elimination, Click here: PurMa™ Complete Mycoplasma Removal for Cell Culture


  1. Eradication of mycoplasma contaminations. Uphoff et al. Methods Mol Biol. 2013;946:15-26.
  2. The elimination of mycoplasma from infected hybridomas by passaging in BALB/c mice. Carroll et al. J Immunol Methods. 1988 Apr 6;108(1-2):189-93.
Parameter Specification
Appearance Red liquid
pH 7.4 ± 0.1
Osmolality 275-360 mOsm/L
Endotoxin NMT< 2EU/mL
Mycoplasma Negative
Suitability  Suitable for mammalian cell culture
Indicator NA
Sterility Tested Sterile filtered using 0.22 µm filter
Form Liquid
Shipping Condition Dry Ice


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1 ml, 10 ml

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