IMDM (Iscove’s Modified Dulbecco’s Medium) is specialized for rapidly proliferating, high-density cell cultures, including Jurkat, Hek, COS-7, and macrophage cells. IMDM is not recommended for tumor cells. IMDM is a modified and more advanced version of Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium, includes selenium as well as additional amino acids and vitamins. IMDM is the only medium lacks Iron, with potassium nitrate replacing ferric nitrate which makes it much more suitable for adhesive cells like COS and Hek cells. IMDM contains no proteins, lipids, or growth factors. Therefore, requires supplementation, commonly with 10% Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS). Furthermore, requires a 5–10% CO2 environment to maintain physiological pH.

One important aspect about IMDM is the high buffering capacity with 3.024 g/L sodium bicarbonate and 5.9 g/L HEPES.

IMDM media contains:

  • High Buffering Capacity with High NAHCO3 + High HEPES :
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (3.02 g/L)
  • 5.9 g/L HEPES
  • High glucose 4.5g/L
  • Non-Essential Amino Acids
  • 110 mg/L Sodium pyruvate (1.0 mM)
  • 15 mg/L Phenol Red
  • 0.584 g/L L-glutamine

Formulation: Complete formulation is available on our website, Click Here :  IMDM


Parameter Specification
Appearance Red, clear liquid
pH  7.2 ± 0.1
Osmolality  275-360 mOsm/L
Endotoxin  NMT< 2EU/mL
Mycoplasma Negative
Suitability  Suitable for mammalian cell culture
Additive  Sodium pyruvate
Indicator  Phenol red
Mycoplasma Detection Negative
Sterility Tested  Sterile filtered using 0.22 µm filter
Form Liquid
Shipping Condition  Room temperature